The Wee Studio – a Pottery in a Public Toilet!

It’s not everyday you can go into a public toilet with a camera and get away with it!  In Nairn, behind the putting green and playpark, sits the old public toilet block – inside it has been converted on one side into an artisan ice-cream factory (hopefully more on that in the future) and on the other side Sula Grigg has installed a fully working pottery – The Wee Studio.

I met Sula through her father’s well-known local seaside café and ice-cream parlour, ‘James’, where some of her pieces were on display.  It turned out that they had recently taken over the old public toilet block from the council have put it to a far better use.  Sula creates her own ceramics in the Wee Studio as well as managing to teach pottery to small groups.  On the day I visited three people were being shown how to ‘throw’ a pot.  The clever use of space inside reminded me of a caravan; for example, the table lifted up to reveal two more wheels to work on when needed.

If you are interested in learning more about making your own pots in this unique environment contact Sula through the facebook page.

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