A Trip to Assynt – a Study in Curves

One advantage of having moved to the north of Scotland is that I am much closer to the wilder areas of the country than I have ever been before.  One of these areas that I had never explored before is Assynt, an area of outstanding beauty on the west coast north of Ullapool and a bit before you fall off the top of the mainland!  I knew about Assynt from the community land buy-out of the area in 2005 when 44,000 acres were returned to the people who live there under provisions of the 2003 Scottish Land Reform Act.  Known for amazing mountains and shoreline I was keen to see more.

Camping in 70mph winds is always fun but luckily the tent stood up to the weather and I managed to hold the camera still enough to get a few interesting images from the area.  Looking back at these now I can see that I was veering towards curves as a theme.  Some of you may remember my ‘Sealines’ project a few years back, straight lines formed by the action of the sea, well in Assynt I seem to have found the perfect start to a new project based on flowing turns and bends.  Maybe there will be a new exhibition!

The mountains in this area are crazy – they just do not look like they belong.  I felt like I was in ‘Close Encounters’ looking at Suilven rising out of the clouds.

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