Workshops with me!

I have often been asked if I teach any of the photographic skills and techniques I have developed and how much would the classes be?  Well, what do you think – should I do it?  I was thinking that I could offer a few hours of tuition based in my Banks’ Mill studio on the basics of photography and using digital cameras.  I could include simple lighting set-ups and post-production work.  Maybe I could get in a model and aim to produce a great print by the end of the session.  The possibilities are endless.  If I was to offer some tuition what would you like to do!  Do leave a comment or get in touch to let me know what you think of this idea.
As a little taster here is a quick guide to making making a woman float – how I did that!

Step one:  The basic raw image as imported to Lightroom. Oona sits on a stool in front of the plain paper backdrop.

Step two: Remove the stool in Photoshop using an image without Oona as the basis.  Also tidy up skin and hair using Portrait Professional.

Step Three: Back to Photoshop to replace the plain background with a wallpaper.  Selecting the plain background with the magic wand, a bit of feathering, a smart layer and some erasing and there you go! Thanks to Holly Booth for the technique!

Step Four:  Give it a bit of an aged look using Alien Skin Exposure directly from Lightroom.

Step Five: Finally back to Lightroom for a bit of a tune up and here is the final image.

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