The Paper Dress

Even though I mainly work with commercial clients these days I am not averse to helping out students with fashion and art based projects – especially when the student is my daughter Gwen!  Gwen had created a paper folded dress piece before for her art course but was never very happy with it so she decided that she would, in her own time, make it again, full-size, and we would do a proper photo-shoot to show it off once in was finished.  Well she pinched a bit of my paper backdrop and spent many hours folding it until she had the basic shape.  Then this was fixed around a wire underskirt and eventually fitted to a mannequin.

Next we needed a model and so our good friend and top model Rachel came over and we had a lot of fun fitting the dress to her and doing the shoot – of course I had to use a little smoke as well.  Gwen was delighted with the results and big thanks to Rachel again for modelling.  You can see more of Gwen’s art on her blog: Art and Life and Rachel can be reached via her modelling page at the Alan Sharman Agency.

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