Four Three Six – Electronic Music – Urban Art – Streetwear

In the days of streaming and downloading it is becoming harder for musicians and bands to make money from sales of music so new innovative marketing techniques are coming along to ensure that there is still an income to be had from music.  One of these initiatives come from DJ Andy McAllister in the form of Four Three Six a hub for electronic music, urban art and streetwear.  As Andy says, “Four Three Six is a creative initiative, focused on fusing the worlds of electronic music and urban art to create a series of ‘wearable releases’.”  Established street artists, such as Mr Penfold and Retox have work with Andy to create T-Shirts featuring their artwork and a unique download code for the music, and all in an urban styled box.  So far there have been three releases and I have been there to photograph each on in the studio.  Next we will be doing a fashion shoot with models and a live event at Quad in Derby on the 10th October – see you there!

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