Fashion Photography Special

Each year I work with some of the 3rd year Derby University fashion students photographing their final collections.  It is always interesting to see what they have designed and made and work with their ideas on the shoots.  This year there was a lot of variety as well as great tailoring.  Everything from a kind of film noir look to business suits, a collection inspired by orcas in captivity and one based on American football!  Huge thanks to all the student designers, the models, hair and make-up artists involved this year; I will try to mention them all at the end of the post.  I try not to have favourites but the location shoot at The Distillery was particularly enjoyable as it all just seemed to work.

So this years students were: Gemma McErlane, Kara Douglas, Sophie Jakes, Kirsty Spilsbury, Rachel Butler, Hannah Odam and Laura Thornley.  Models: Sophie T, Valandis, Abi, Chelcie, Becca Rose, Helen, Lily, Eric and Verity.  Hair and make-up: Claire Elizabeth, Sarah Bloor, Lizzie Mazza, Rebecca Yeates, Kelly Odell, Carrie Louise Johnson.

Here are a selection of images from the shoots.



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