Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1 – A Desk and More

Never tried a Kickstarter campaign myself but I hear that they do work.  Liyang Liu, of Yois Design, came to me with his “Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1” and now I know they work.  This clever design enables you have a portable desk that is firmly held on the wall, either for use, or storage, and you can easily pick it up and sit anywhere with it.

Liyang and I spent some time in the studio fixing the brackets to wall and getting ready for the shoot.  Lara Elliot was there to make the promotional video (I even got a bit part) and the result was that Liyang reached his goal in a couple of weeks!  Manufacture of the bamboo boards is done by Travis Kelly at Revolution Evolution in Shed 2 Studios where I am based and recently I saw the first batch leave the building.  All together a very satisfying project to be involved in.

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