Vintage Model Company – Magnificent Flying Machines!

When I was a teenager I spent a lot of time building models out of balsa wood and tissue, mostly yachts, and once I built a control-line diesel engine powered plane.  I was not that great at flying it but I did enjoy the process of building and the smell of the engine!  many people of a certain age will remember the classic kits by Keil Kraft, Vernon and others.  In those days I had to get the bus into Glasgow and poke around the model shops looking for what I needed.

Today we have the internet and The Vintage Model Company.  They supply replica kits for all your old favourites and have recently launched their “Magnificent Flying Machines” range, designed by engineer and keen aero-modeller, Andrew Darby, all models in the range have real airframes, built up from laser-cut balsa sheet and strip parts, covered with lightweight model aircraft tissue to ensure the best possible flying performance.

Now I got very excited when I was asked to photograph this range for them.  Each plane was suspended as though it was flying on fine thread.  This was done against black, for the boxes, and white, for the instructions.  The results seem to have worked as I hear they have had lots of orders!

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