Jeweller Rachel Helen at Work

One of the advantages of sharing a large studio space at Shed 2 Studios is meeting and working with other creative people every day.  One of those is Rachel Helen Designs who makes amazing bespoke high end jewellery.  Rachel is going through the process of rebranding and wanted to show how she works.  So first of all I spent and afternoon with her photographing the making of a ring and some of the tools and machinery that she uses every day.

Now these photos are fine but I wanted to do something more.  So I suggested that Rachel move her whole workbench into my studio (handily just opposite) so the I could be the “wall” and observe her at work in a way that no-one normally sees.  Rachel was happy to give it a go and in the end we got some very interesting images that made use of lots of negative space as well. Hoping to work more with Rachel very soon!

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