Forklift Trucks and Warehouses

I get asked to photograph all sorts of things in all sorts of places but I had never been up close to a forklift truck before.  I was asked by Davis Derby to photograph their Trucklog product in use on a variety of forklift trucks at some of their premiere clients such as Sainsbury’s, Carlsberg and RS Components.  The aim was to show that the system was able to be used on any type of forklift and in any working environment.

Over two days I was taken around some huge facilities and at one point had to wear protective covers on my shoes and ear plugs (I could do with that at some weddings!).  As well as taking the required shots for the job I was fascinated by the scale and order in these giant spaces and took the opportunity to get a few images outside of the brief such as this one of forklifts on their lunch break.

Forklifts on Lunch Break

Forklifts on Lunch Break

Here are a selection of shots from the day:

To see more about Trucklog and the photos they used have a look at the Trucklog website.

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