Re:Make – The Silk Mill, Derby

The Silk Mill in Derby is credited with being the world’s first automated factory and is one of the historic Derwent Valley Mills.  In the past the Silk Mill housed an industrial museum but it is now in the process of being transformed into a very modern museum.

Re:imagining Derby’s Silk Mill

The Silk Mill is in the process of reinventing itself for the 21st century – through reviving the principles of the Enlightenment and expanding traditional perspectives of what a museum is and can be. The concept has been developed from a desire to reflect both the 300 year heritage of the building, starting with the Silk Mill as the site of the world’s first factory, through to the modern day city of Derby as a leader in advanced engineering and manufacturing.

I recently went along to the Silk Mill to document an event celebrating the completion of the first stage of this transformation. The team have achieved a huge amount so far but you can get involved directly but signing up to the Re:Make project and get a chance to design and build new features of the museum.  Check out this link for up-coming events: Silk Mill Events.

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