iPhone Camera App 645 PRO

Just a quick thing I saw recently and downloaded straight away for all you iPhone users.  On the iPhone the camera is fine but the JPEGs images are rather small to use sometimes. Well 645 PRO intercepts the image between the time of taking and the compression allowing you to save a 16mb TIFF file and a 6mb JPEG (rather than the 2mb one).  This is good enough reason to spend the massive £1.99 on the app but you also get a whole variety of old style formats from square to 6x4x5 and 6×9 etc. as well as film style processing in colour and mono replicating Ilford HP5 and E6 slide processing to name two.

Loads of other things to play with as well like the white balance, exposure lock, filters, focus lock, flash, focus grids and even two retro skins!

Here is one I took at a train station…

Train Station by iPhone using 645 PRO

Train Station by iPhone using 645 PRO

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