Nikon D800 – how is it going so far?

Having acquired a Nikon D800 36 mega pixel camera recently I have been constantly asked – how is it performing?!  Well here are a few first thoughts – I LOVE IT!!

It even makes a lovely sound when I press the shutter.  I just feels right and I have had to do nothing about changing the way I work on a shoot having used Nikon for nearly 30 years.  The only thing I have done is to speed up the MacBook, with an extra SSD drive inside, to cope with the big files and try to take less pictures to save on memory.

Low light shooting seems fine to me and will be a big help where flash is not appropriate.  Super sharp in the studio too.  Lots has been written about this camera but all you need to know is it works very well and produces the usual high quality images that you would expect from Nikon.  Like all Nikon D-SLRs you can out on practically any Nikkor lens ever made since the 1950’s and it will work.  THis means that with careful shopping around you can get some fabulous lenses that are are good or better than some of the new ones.  I found the Nikkor 70-210mm f4 from 1986 – big, heavy and beautiful!



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