How to choose a Wedding Photographer

I thought that I might share with you some tips on choosing a wedding photographer – in case any of you are getting married in the near future!  It is never to early to start looking for a photographer and build up a relationship with them before the wedding day.  I have had several meetings recently with couples (most of whom have booked) so this is in my mind at the moment.

I recommend trying out a few photographers that you are interested in.  Try arranging a simple studio shoot with the photographer, or a little something at a location.  This way you can get a feel for how well you get on with the photographer and you might save yourself a lot of anguish later on by building up your confidence in their skills.

Some photographers include a pre-wedding shoot in their packages and these are great as  ‘taster’ sessions.  You can then use the resulting pictures as a feature at the reception – maybe have all your guests sign the frame of an informal shot of you both, while they wait to be seated.

There can be many ‘extras’ that a wedding photographer might add on after the big day so be sure that you are really clear about exactly what you are paying for, when you should expect to see the results and what other costs there may be.  It is much better to know this beforehand.  Generally, photographers will ask for a deposit to secure the day and for the balance to be paid a week or two before the wedding.

Finally, take your time to make the decision and go with the photographer who you get along with most and you like the style of their images; not all photographers are the same.

However you decide to choose your photographer don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure you know exactly what you are paying for – after all, you will want to treasure the images forever!

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