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As well as photographing weddings, portraits and models I also work in the commercial sector providing services directly to businesses who want to present themselves in a new way.  At this time of difficult trading it is even more important to update your business image and I always aim to give my clients a new insight into their own environments.  Recently I photographed the YMCA in Derby and the Natural Healthcare Centre in Burton.  In both cases it was important to capture something of the atmosphere of each place. The YMCA features a lot of coloured windows around the building, so I wanted to incorporate those in this shot of the public cafe:

YMCA Derby Cafe

YMCA Derby Cafe

While at the Natural Healthcare Centre I was fascinated by the acupuncture needles and so chose this angle to highlight these:

Natural Health Centre - Burton

Natural Health Centre - Burton

No matter where you work there is always a way to photograph the space you are in to show your customers what you have to offer.

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  1. Professional photography I may say. The subjects are properly focused and effects are fantastic.

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