Warehouse made to look cool

Last week I went along to a local warehouse with Mark Wilde of Pepperhed Creative with the brief being to make a big space full of cardboard boxes look cool!  Outside it was raining heavily when we arrived so the outdoor shots had to wait a while.  Inside I set up studio lights and using long shutter speeds, to catch movement, and HDR post processing to bring out all the detail, I brought a new look to the warehouse.

Outside the rain eased and the droplets on the deep blue vans proved to be a great benefit and the reflections were wonderful!  So it just shows that you that even a warehouse and a van can look good 🙂

HDR Warehouse

HDR Warehouse

HDR Blue Van

HDR Blue VanHDR Warehouse

1 Comment

  1. alasdair says:

    love the van shot

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