Waiting for the prom to begin…

I am in Buxton, at the Palace Hotel, for a school prom, Andy Murray has just gone out of Wimbledon, again and there are 164 sixteen year olds next door sitting down to dinner. All I have to do is be ready to take their prom photos once they have eaten and before the limos collect them at midnight!
Although this type of formal event photography, against a huge cloth background, may not appear to be as creative as some of the fashion shoots I get up to it requires just as much preparation and planning; as things can happen very fast.  So I arrive early. Check the room I am to be in and get set up in plenty of time.  Make sure everything is gaffer taped to the floor and the lighting it even.  Take a few test shots and check that the MacBook is picking up the images directly form the camera straight into Lightroom, for immediate viewing.  All the photos will be essentially the same so consistency is key – otherwise the editing afterwards would be a nightmare.  Once the rush begins crowd control is as important as the images!
So long as you keep smiling and on top of it this kind of work can be very rewarding; both for the clients seeing themselves instantly, and financially for me.  So roll on the prom season!

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