Brides N Gowns – Bridal Fashion Shoot

Recently I was contacted by Liz Peat, hair stylist, about doing a bridal wear shoot in Derby at the wonderful ‘Brides N Gowns‘ bridal shop in Derby city centre.  I jumped at the chance to get some new bridal images and to work with Liz again.  I found four models to work with, Chriskinder, Sarah, Claire-louise and Sophie and a new make-up artist, Sukhi.  We had a wonderful time getting ready at the studio and then on to ‘Brides N Gowns‘ on The Strand.  Michaela of ‘Brides N Gowns‘ had chosen four of her finest gowns for the models and we set about the photoshoot.  liz was looking for the girl-next-door look with a soft feel to the images so I processed them accordingly – Michaela liked them so much that a selection will be framed and on display in the shop!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Ewan.

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