Nissan Figaro and the Mel Palmer Collection

The Nissan Figaro is a great little car, made in Japan in 1989 as a retro looking body on a Nissan Micra K10 chassis, and comes in a great range of subtle colours.  I love it! So when Mel Palmer suggested shooting her 1950’s lingerie inspired clothing collection with a Nissan Figaro at the back of Derby’s Mackworth Hotel, I jumped at the chance.  Mel’s collection was modelled by Natalie and Lara with hair and make-up by Marie Morgan.  Marie created a couple of fantastic hair styles with Lara sporting high curls you could see through and Natalie with a huge swept back bun at the back.  The Figaro was looking great and the resulting pictures hopefully give a classy retro look to Mel’s wonderful collection.  Best news of the day was the owner of the Figaro’s brother showed me a picture of his classic yellow Corvette Stingray… another shoot??!

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