Black Rocks Shoot, Derbyshire

As I said recently I have been working with several of the University of Derby final year Fashion students. Of of these was Gemma Hughes and her collection of lycra dresses inspired by the Black Rocks of Derbyshire.  Gemma had taken photographs at Black Rocks which she then transferred on to the lycra fabric and then used this to make up the garments.  The obvious place for the photoshoot was back at Black Rocks.  It proved to be a very hot day and quite busy with climbers and picnickers but we managed to get the shoot done all the same.  Make-up was done by Nicola-Marie Lane at my studio early in the day then we drove to the location.  Amy and Oona were the models and they were fantastic – especially having to get discretely changed under cover of the trees!  I wanted to do something a little different so I set up the camera to take a sequence of images while I directed Amy and Oona.  This allowed me to select the best images and blend them together into something altogether different afterwards. So despite the location difficulties we manages to get some great images!

Here Oona is multiplied while Amy looks on.
This time two Amys overlook Oona.

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