Whole new website completed!

The past month has been really busy for me working with David James Ross on a business intervention plan looking at my web presence and the services that I offer.  As a result of this I have totally updated the web site and focussed on the parts of the business that were doing well.  So if you had been searching for a wedding photographer in Derby a few weeks ago I was nowhere in 63 pages of Google – now I am near the top of the list and have had my first confirmed booking by a couple just searching for ‘Wedding photography Derby’!

David showed me how having a pretty website is lovely but if no-one can find it then what is the site for.  It actually proved to be a fairly simple process to increase the visibility of the site and create some great landing pages for each of the services I offer.  For example I now have a simple wedding page that gives all the information needed on one page, quickly and simply presented with a link to the contact page and an invitation to text for my availability.

Sorting out text and the images has all made the site really work for me. If you have a web site then this work is essential and not so difficult to do – so do it!

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